Our Products

RGS - Rugged Electronic Solutions:

Integrated systems and solutions provider of Electro Mechanical Packaging for Electronics and Display systems and Command and Control Systems. AAYUR has core capabilities and infrastructure that covers the entire span of activities from design to production installation, commissioning and maintenance services. Our range of products & services for the defense, aerospace and general industry are as follow:-

Rugged & Industrial grade Display units of different sizes(4" to 25") for mission critical systems.

Rugged & Commercial Chassis

Universal Rack Mount Chassis for VME / cPCI & PCI/ PC104 based systems

Rugged & Industrial grade Display

MFD Consoles

Command Consoles & Multifunctional Display Consoles.

Bridge Consoles

Wide range of bridge consoles

Rugged UPS.

Rugged Power Equipments & UPS.

Rugged Ethernet Switches & Routers

Rugged Ethernet Switches & Routers

Air Transport Racks

Standard & Tailor made ATRs for Airborne Applications

Mass Storage

Mass Storage VME /cPCI compatible,Plug & Play, High density storage in 3U/6U form factors



Portable and non portable communication devices

Application Controlled Device

Customization of application friendly devices.